A metaphor for a CDP and a web analytics system, A CDP creates a holistic profile of a customer, a web analytics tool focuses on one puzzle piece, the online interactions.
Do you really need Google analytics once you have a CDP?
Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are becoming increasingly popular in Sweden, because they are seen as one solution for marketing in a cookieless world. However, getting a CDP, either through purchase or building it in-house, is usually expensive and/or technically complex....
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3rd party cookies has been everywhere, but soon it's over.
Navigating the Post 3rd Party Cookies Era
The 3rd party cookie demise We’ve heard it many times now – the era of 3rd party cookies is coming to an end – and the big question is ”Are we prepared”? A cookie is a small piece of data...
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Reflections in a GenAI year - Patrick Couch
Reflections on a GenAI year- with guest writer Patrick
As we’re closing in on the end of the year, I can’t help but to take a step back and look back at what in many ways was a year infatuated with generative ai. GenAI was all over 2023. Not...
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Teaching is learning - Åke Edlund
Teaching is learning- with guest writer Åke
Thoughts on how to increase learning within organizations “I’ve been doing this for years, I learned a lot and I’m constantly learning new things”. Well, if you think you’re an expert, maybe you are, or maybe only as long as...
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Building blocks of holistic martech
Holistic MarTech – Maximize the Value
When I dive into discussions about MarTech, I often find the spotlight on the technology and the ever-evolving landscape it brings. It's no surprise, given the vast array of tools available, that many think MarTech is all about technology. Now,...
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The Psychology Behind Change- with guest writer Anna Carolina
In the constantly evolving landscape of technology, businesses are encountering a pivotal challenge: the need to adapt to continuous change. Gone are the days where you did one big implementation which would remain relevant for years. Now we are bombarded...
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Busy is the new stupid
We all have biases, whether acknowledged or not. Consider this: How many of your friends are of the opposite gender and between 20-30 years younger or older than you? Not many, right? This shows our inherent bias toward those similar...
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Dear Data: Your Guide to Cloud Transformation and not growing your own vegetables
How are you all doing in the AI hype? Is it slowing down or speeding up for you? I strongly believe that significant changes are coming our way, and ahead we will witness a time of substantial change. How models...
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Lost in the Metaverse: Everyone but Lex and Mark
I had the pleasure of attending a great dinner party last Friday, where I tried to explain my work to a group of brilliant individuals. In a nutshell, as you all know, I lead a consulting company that specializes in...
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Our Office policy
Here at Deerdata, we have an office-first policy, emphasizing the importance of a collaborative workspace and coming into the office sometimes. Currently, our Stockholm office resides in Josefines Garden. It comes with a breathtaking view of a lake, lovely, but...
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