Our Office policy

Here at Deerdata, we have an office-first policy, emphasizing the importance of a collaborative workspace and coming into the office sometimes. Currently, our Stockholm office resides in Josefines Garden. It comes with a breathtaking view of a lake, lovely, but here’s the twist – there is no heating and no doors….

Nevertheless, Lena, our resilient colleague, has shown us the Swedish spirit – ”det finns inget dåligt väder,” which translates to ”there’s no such thing as bad weather.” So, she dug deep into Josefines closet and pulled out some woolly jumpers and cozy blankets. And she looks really happy, right?

Now, we do have some grand plans for the future. We’re dreaming big, thinking about getting ourselves a swanky office both in Stockholm and Gothenburg when we grow a little more – fingers crossed for early next year! Until then, we’re embracing our inner budgeting gurus and keeping it simple.

But wait, there’s more! During a steering group meeting this week, after lengthy discussions, we decided to introduce a game-changer – a door! Yes, you heard it correctly, a real-life door is coming our way next week. Let’s hope it was the right call.

Thanks for following our entrepreneurial adventures here on our website 😊. Now, the weekend is approaching, and I need to cool some drinks and prepare the snacks for our 4-week anniversary