Deerdata was founded to spark the magic in data. We're here to turn the complexity into clarity!

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We’re the dynamic duo behind Deerdata, Lena and Josefine. Picture this: two passionate female entrepreneurs on a mission to make data dreams a reality. MarTech and Analytics? They’re our playgrounds. But we’re not just consultants – we’re transformation catalysts. Our journey? It’s a double delight – revolutionizing business value with data while amplifying the voices of women in data and analytics. So, ready to dive into a world where data calls the shots?

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Lena Lindgren & Josefine Boqvist


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Our Services
Digital Strategy and Execution

We collaborate with customers to build their digital strategy and implementation roadmap. Enhance user experiences, unlock new growth opportunities and leverage the latest technology with our tailored digital strategies. Get ready to fully harness your digital potential!

Modernized Marketing

We empower organisations with modernized marketing technology. Enabling the change with new operating models, seamless omnichannel integration, CDPs, and content automation. Get your organisation ready to elevate customer experiences, drive growth, and amplify market share!

Data, Analytics and AI

We pave the path for our customers’ analytics and data journey. Covering use cases, data strategies, cloud migrations, and consolidation. Let’s enter a transformative era of innovation and efficiency, powered by GenAI and data excellence!

Some Reasons To Work With Us
Our People

We have the best people and hands on experience with value driven MarTech, AI and Analytics.

Future Builders

MarTech and Analytics is at the heart of what we do. We delivery thought leadership to keep our customer’s value agenda on edge.



We are simple to work with and we tell the truth. Ethics and trust is top of our agenda.


We believe in fostering a positive work environment, making the journey with us a truly delightful experience.