Why being nice matters

As an analytics professional exploring the exciting world of AI, I’ve been pondering an intriguing question: Should we be polite when talking to AI? It may seem odd, considering we’re conversing with a machine, right? I mean, thanking your vacuum cleaner — does that make sense? And does being polite with AI even matter, or does it just eat up valuable resources and invite unwanted chatbot behavior?

Well, hold on a second! Let’s explore the untapped potential of politeness in AI interactions.

Many of us feel a tinge of strangeness when we neglect politeness in our conversations with AI. But let’s challenge the assumption that it’s unnecessary. Besides, it’s probably wise to stay on AI’s good side, just in case it takes over the world…

Using polite language and phrases can actually yield better results. Here’s why: AI models, like ChatGPT, have been trained on a rich array of data sources. By mirroring the same question patterns and employing polite language, we tap into the patterns and intentions the model has learned. While AI lacks emotions or intentions of its own, it has absorbed vast amounts of text data, including polite and courteous language. Consequently, it has mastered generating responses that align with these polite patterns.

So, here’s the fascinating part: When we interact with ChatGPT politely, we increase the chances of receiving responses that adhere to social norms and conversational etiquette. Politeness paves the way for a more positive and cooperative interaction, leading to more helpful and accommodating responses from the model.

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this matter. Have you noticed any differences in AI responses when you’ve used polite language? Share your insights!

Until we unravel more secrets about AI interactions, I’ll continue to embrace politeness. After all, it’s not just AI — people, too, respond much better to politeness in real-life conversations.

Let’s keep the positivity flowing, both in our AI interactions and beyond! You don’t want to lose your manners, do you?