First week at Deerdata

Hello, friends, followers and fawns!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week. It’s been a busy yet exciting first week here at Deerdata. We’re currently juggling two ongoing projects while also streamlining our administrative processes. (Geez, I should have been more thankful for all the admin support big corp offers. Don’t miss the deer until it’s gone). Additionally, we’re hard at work creating some fantastic content and knowledge-sharing experiences that will soon be featured here, on LinkedIn, and on our Instagram in the coming weeks and months.

How about exploring intriguing topics like ”Don´t become someone else with genAI” or ”Dont make dataspaghetti, even when you’re starving for insights”? The images above hints at some of the exciting stories we’ll be sharing, so make sure to stay tuned.

The highlight of this week has undoubtedly been our very first customer meetings. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to collaborate with such amazing people. One of our key projects revolves around data strategy, a great starting project for us.

On the flip side, the toughest part of this week for me has been not having our regular office and routines. It shows how change can be tough, even in a case like this where I completely chose it myself. But, it’s also a reminder that change is often the trickiest part of any project or transformation. The good news is, things always settle, and new routines are currently being shaped here at Deerdata.

Looking ahead to next week, we’re gearing up for some serious recruitment efforts. Exciting times lie ahead!

A heartfelt thank you to all our wonderful supporters and fawns 🙂 . We’re genuinely grateful to have you by our side on this journey!