Senior Data Engineer

Deerdata AB – Stockholm/Gothenburg, Sweden


Analytics, Big Data, Data Engineering, Data Governance, Data Modelling, Data Quality, Data Science, ETL/ELT, SQL, Technical Requirements, Orchestration, Cloud, Containerization, Problem Solving & Communication

About the job

Welcome to Deerdata, where we’re passionate about MarTech and Analytics, and our mission is to elevate businesses to new heights of digital maturity.

But we’re more than just a workplace; we’re an enriching experience. Our vibrant culture celebrates every achievement, fostering collaboration and personal and professional growth. We’re dedicated to helping you stay competitive in today’s ever-changing landscape through continuous learning and upskilling.

If you’re ready to be part of a team that transforms digital dreams into reality with cutting-edge analytics, AI, and MarTech innovation, seize this opportunity. We’re currently seeking a Senior Data Engineer to strengthen our Data and Analytics practice.

Your next challenge?

As a Senior Data Engineer at our consulting firm, you will play a pivotal role in our key customer projects. While the exact nature of your tasks may vary from project to project, your primary responsibility is to ensure that our customers’ data platforms and data solutions are modern, effective, reliable, and cost-efficient.

In this role, you will

  • Act as the technical lead in managing both business and technical requirements, ensuring that our solutions align with and exceed customer expectations.
  • Collaborate closely with our data scientists, architects, and software developers to co-create data architecture and governance models tailored to each project.
  • Be instrumental in elevating our standards for efficient testing of data pipelines, including unit tests, integration tests, and data quality tests.
  • Engage in external meetings where your insights will contribute to identifying optimal solutions for our customers’ challenges, fostering productive partnerships along the way.
  • Build reusable frameworks to use in data pipelines both to optimise the efforts and improved data quality
  • Tryout new tools as part of evaluating them, and compile objective evaluation outcome
  • Keep a vigilant eye on the cost efficiency of data platforms.
  • Share your expertise by coaching and mentoring colleagues, fostering a thriving data engineering culture within Deerdata.

Moreover, you will be actively involved in hands-on data engineering tasks, which encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Crafting and deploying SQL, Python and Spark queries to support our data products.
  • Orchestrating workflows and data pipelines for new data components, including advanced SQL joins.
  • Implementing infrastructure as code solutions.
  • Fine-tuning data processing pipelines for optimal performance.
  • Constructing and maintaining API-based product interfaces.
  • Investigating and resolving bugs in aggregates, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Your role as a Lead Data Engineer in our consulting firm is dynamic and adaptable, offering exciting challenges and opportunities for growth as you contribute to the success of diverse client projects

Is this you?

  • You love working with data and enjoy the challenge of finding new business ideas from complex information.
  • You’re always eager to help your team and share what you know.
  • You like working with others and making plans for the future.
  • You can work on tasks by yourself and don’t need constant direction.
  • You’re always learning and keeping up with the latest in your field, which makes you adaptable to new technology and skills

Your experience:

  • You’re a respected data engineering expert, +5 years, skilled at working with intricate data sets, particularly those involving location or IoT sensor information.
  • Your knowledge includes key concepts in big data, cloud technologies, data modelling, data governance, and presenting insights through business intelligence tools.
  • Your have hands-on experience with one of more of the cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and or Google Cloud
  • You have experience with cloud data warehousing or datalakes with one or more of the following Hadoop, Redshift, Snowflake and or Databricks
  • You have experience with ETL/ELT tools like Spark or dbt
  • You have a track record of operationalizing machine learning pipelines effectively.
  • Your proficiency in SQL and Python is impressive, enabling you to craft efficient, optimized queries.
  • You possess practical experience in building and maintaining streamlined ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workflows. Navigating complex scripts and workflows is second nature to you, and you can make necessary enhancements or fix code when required.
  • Fluent and articulate communication in English, both in writing and verbally, is a fundamental requirement for your role


In this role, you’ll find that this is more than just a job; it’s a meaningful journey of shaping the future of data-driven excellence. If you’re ready to be a part of this transformative journey, where your passion for data engineering aligns with our mission, we invite you to join us, make a difference, develop yourself and have fun!

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Welcome to Deerdata – come build the future with us!

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